Domenico Meliti

Domenico Meliti

I’m Domenico Meliti born in Monza in 1976 and arrived in London on 7 February 1999.

In a few years I created a company that builds and restructures, in the United Kingdom, about 1000 apartments a year, affirming Italian know-how also in construction projects.
After studying architectural and urban design in Milan, the young Meliti, at the end of the 1990s, while Italian building was all projected on Middle Eastern and North African orders, imagined an Anglo-Saxon expansion of his concept of entrepreneur

As soon as I improved my knowledge of English, I resumed my studies to obtain the necessary qualifications related to mechanical and industrial systems.  He attends the famous English institution RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects), and it is there that, during a reception, the turning point that changes his life arrives.
Meliti meets an architect who is confident of having difficulties in the mechanical phases of an important project, failing to find valid contractors (today it would be different, due to the presence of many Italian professional architects; in those days there was no competition, there were few  ).  “The architect offers me the work that I gladly accepted.  Actually, I had very little experience, but it was also necessary to start and I accepted with enthusiasm the offer, even knowing that it was my first job in the mechanical sector.

With difficulty, and intuition, I can solve the problem and this was my springboard.  From this meeting begins my climb which later leads me to work in the Square Mile of the City “.
I collaborate with local authorities to obtain the necessary authorizations that I need for the renovation of buildings.  I can thus become the precursor of prefabrication in and around London.

So I started to enter a new road almost against the current and formed EMD, a company that soon became a success, with a constant growth of 200%.  The moment is favorable and by exploiting with skill a fortunate series of opportunities, the EMD earns an excellent reputation, through the good conduction and conclusion of contracts like banks, hotels, old buildings transformed into residential realities.
With substantial conditions being equal, customers realize that they can count on an attitude of complete collaboration, on a better level of finishing in the restructuring, in respect of time and costs supported by a always courteous and correct management in the customer-company relationship.  In a short time I become the managing director of the construction and renovation company.

The other local companies try to imitate our professionalism and our winning formula of the “design and build”, a concept that sees my restructuring company take full responsibility for the overall responsibility of the building intervention, from its conception to the final realization.

The EMD, under my guidance takes on very complex planning and construction assignments for commissions of great strategic importance in the building world.  The rapid affirmation of EMD on the British market – with an annual growth of almost 400%
– finds its origin in a series of restructurings.  “We are specializing in live operations – explains Meliti – as in many cases we are forced by the characteristics of the building intervention and by the client’s logistic and financial situation to carry out radical modification work without the customer having to evacuate the real estate plant  “.

Now my team consists of 120 people, with a growth plan that will allow me to increase it in the near future.  My tenacity has meant that we have won the largest residential conversion contract in the whole of the United Kingdom in Bristol, which will see us build 467 housing units.

This entrepreneurial exhibition of mine has managed to give me the opportunity to establish relations with the Government parties and to get to know them from numerous personalities in the local political world.

As an entrepreneur I am very active also at Chamber level, as a director of the prestigious Italian Chamber of Commerce in London, carrying out numerous activities of representation and support for the Italian business world.

All these ‘signals’ support the hope of seeing me soon recognized as one of the leading European and international entrepreneurs.

Last note on the list, being chosen by the prime minister’s office to draft a capitol of the prestigious Parliamentary Review that will be presented in September 2019.

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