The British Italian Conservatives (BIC) is pressing wider Conservative Party members and influencers to carefully consider the skills and expertise essential in a new Party leader.

The British Italian Conservatives (BIC) is pressing wider Conservative Party members and influencers to carefully consider the skills and expertise essential in a new Party leader.

It has produced a pledge outlining the hard requirements it expects from incoming leadership candidates. Its members want to ensure the Party chooses a candidate capable of leading the party to success in a General Election — as well as deliver Brexit. While Brexit is an important economic imperative, it is also a significant and high profile ‘distraction.’ It cannot be ignored, but neither can it blind Party members to the biggest imperative of all — Britain’s future governance.

Italian Conservatives in Britain are among some of the most active and committed party supporters and the group is pushing for focus on leadership qualities that will recover public confidence and re-align MPs’ commitment.

The BIC pledge will be presented to every leadership candidate. The group wants candidates to sign up to the pledge which outlines Britain’s leadership goals.

Conservative Party Leadership Imperatives — The Pledge:

Put the country first. We have to put the United Kingdom first. The UK has 4 nations — it is a real union and our new leader must listen to and carefully consider each nation stakeholders’ issues. We must get the best outcome on Brexit and we must get a deal.

Our EU UK citizens. We have to ensure that the Brexit deal won’t affect the lives of millions of EU citizens who moved here, became British and started contributing to the growth of the economy. These EU British citizens have to be treated as British nationals. They need to be able to reunify their families within their adopted nation. The referendum wasn’t against British people from the EU. These are people who have built lives, live it to the fullest — and give back. Appreciated and welcomed, without bureaucracy, their contribution will only increase. Brexit needs to confirm the status of EU residents once and for all.

The Economy. The UK’s economy is the thing that sustains all our lives. The new leadership of the party has to support freedom of enterprise and expression within the commercial world. Businesses, large and small, are what pay the bills. Economic performance — and the freedom of individuals to realise their ambitions and create successful businesses is a key part of the UK’s culture. It has to be protected and encouraged.

And, a recommendation. The Conservative Party can’t accept an alliance with another party, and we can’t put the country second. The union of this country is the most important value. A pact with another party whose core values are an uncomfortable match is another barrier to moving on with Britain’s future, and to delivering Brexit.

Conservative Party Leader Candidate Personal Qualities — Essential:

Strong and proven leadership skills — evidence of conflict resolution and high-level international negotiations, in business or politics
An able and engaging communicator — capable of tailoring your language to suit the audience
Charisma: Someone who inspires trust and loyalty — how have you inspired people to follow you, perhaps even when they had doubts?
Experience — able to appoint the right team, delegate and manage effectively at the highest level
Human touch — the ability to connect with — and listen to — people at every level
Experience of working within a multi-national stakeholder environment — within the nations of the UK and Europe.